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    F117 (or the black bird) vs f22 (F-22 Raptor)


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    F117 (or the black bird) vs f22 (F-22 Raptor)

    Post by Admin on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:22 pm

    F117 (or the black bird) vs f22 (F-22 Raptor)

    Recent question? Between F117 or the black bird vs F-22 Raptor, which one is better?

    According to, F117 was retired in 2008 but lets check what Wikipedia has to say about the stealth.

    The F117 was introduced in October 1983, and retired in April, 2008.
    It's top speed is 617 mph, and has a wingspan of 43. It uses an engine called General Electric F404, while the cost of one plane is 42,600,000, while for the planes that were developed for the United States air force was 111,200,000 USD. The first flight was taken on June 18th 1981.

    First, this plane looks like it is using Alien technology from the stories that have been written about Area 51. This facility is designated as an area where they test black projects like weapons systems and experimental aircrafts like the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter.

    The plane was strictly meant for ground attacks and took part in the 1991 Gulf war and the Yugoslavia conflict where one was shot by a SAM or surface to air missiles.

    The F177 has a cross section of about 0.001m2 that prevents it from having a high engine thrust. Secondly, it's wing ratio prevents it from having unlimited subsonic speeds because it has no afterburn and because of the design of the Aeroplane. Also, its faceted design came from the limited computer technology of the 1970s that was used to calculate the cross section of the radar.

    Later due to the advent of more powerful computers, it has been made more possible to develop planes with wings that have curved surfaces while remaining stealthy at the same time. This enables them to do more additional computer calculations than it was possible on F117.

    F-22 or the Lockheed Martin is a twin engine stealth fighter that was designed for all weather tactical fights by the Government of the United States. Its wings were designed by Boeing and the Lockheed Martin prime contractor that was responsible for design or the airframe of the aircraft. The plane is designed as a superior fighter that has capabilities like electronic warfare, ground attack and signal intelligent roles. Boeing also provided its training systems, avionics integration and aft fuselage systems.

    The aircraft's combination of aerodynamics performance, stealth, and awareness gives it unprecedented tactical fighting capabilities than any aircraft in the world. The aircraft was first used in service in 2005 although protracted development issues were reported

    The high cost of production, and lack of a clear mission of air to air was due to the delays in the Russian and Chinese production of their versions of fighter programs. Also, the lower cost production of F-35s led to the abrupt end in the production of F22 fighter planes. A procurement of 187 aircrafts was established in 2009, while the last one was delivered in 2012.

    The F-22 was introduced in 2005, and is still in service.
    It's top speed is 1,498 mph, and has a wingspan of 44. It uses an engine called Pratt and Whitney F119, while the program cost for the development as of 2011 was US $66.7 billion by the United States air force, and $150 million US Dollars per fighter plane. The first flight was taken on September 7th 1997.

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