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    Jet li vs Donnie Yeng


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    Jet li vs Donnie Yeng

    Post by Admin on Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:43 pm

    Between Donnie Yen and Jet Li who is tougher? I think both are tough, but Donnie Yen is more fluent and adept than Jet Li. Jet Li is known to be tough, and makes tough punches when fighting. One can see how he folds his face when throwing punches on opponents. On the other hand, Donnie yen is fast and fluid, but when fighting, he does it as if he is making a statement rather than fighting. He can be very fast when fighting, but when it comes to Jet Li, he uses force and anger more when fighting. On the other hand, Donnie Yen is known to be straight, adept, and fast. He does it like Bruce Lee, but Jet Lee does it in such a way as depicting that he can beat Bruce Lee. But Bruce Lee was a Brute of flexibility, power, and  explosiveness. This is one thing that lacks in Jet Li. He was explosive in his fists and kicks, but jet Li is like a Robot, which makes him a weaker opponent. I will not go about the height, but I will let you judge by the films they have acted. You can also check the opinions on this forum to confirm my results.

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