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    Is your browser hanging all the time in windows 7?


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    Is your browser hanging all the time in windows 7?

    Post by Admin on Sun Jul 26, 2015 6:59 pm

    Does your browser hang all the time? The answer is this! If your using an antivirus like Microsoft Essentials, then your computer is likely to hang all the time because of the Real-time protection status on your computer. This slows down your machine because the antivirus will be checking for potential malware and viruses. The best solution is to remove the real time protection status on your anti-virus. This will improve the performance your computer. Another alternative is to use a Malware checker like malwarebytes AntiMalware, RogueKiller, and adwcleaner. You can read more from here: What to do if your computer is slowing down. If it continues to persist, install avast and update windows multiple times.

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